Our Maternity Ward

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The St. Paul’s Hospital Maternity Centre is located on the third floor of the Providence Building.

It is a large, bright and welcoming space with private single-room labour, delivery and postpartum rooms. This provides for space for birthing people and their support people to move around, feel comfortable and provide a home like environment for your birth and stay after birth.  All rooms have private bathrooms including bathtubs. We also have equipment that can be brought into the rooms like birthing balls, peanut balls, birthing stools etc. We also provide a sleeper chair for the birthing support person. Our family-centred program strongly encourages the primary support person to stay with the new mother and baby throughout their hospital stay.

The maternity ward is staffed by friendly and specially-trained obstetrical nurses, they can answer your calls when you have concerns and are the first faces you will see when you present for care. 

As well as our doctors, other staff that work in the maternity centre include obstetricians, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, social workers, breastfeeding medicine physicians, lactation consultants and more. You may see some of these people as well during your journey.

If your baby needs extra care, there is a six bed neonatal intensive care unit which is staffed by specially-trained nurses and a pediatrician twenty-four hours a day.

Please see this detailed handbook called Having Your Baby at St. Paul’s Hospital for more information

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